Dungelair is an indie roguelike game with a challenging combats where you take control of Jake, a boy who travels with his corgi Max to explore this Dungeon crawler and must fund the exit in a giant and labyrinthic maps. Along the way out you must fight lots of enemies and bosses to improve your habilities and upgrade your character.

Discover how to grow both your skills and those of Max to fight the enemies better and be able to progress more and more through the dungeons of Dungelair. You will face fearsome enemies that will test both your combat skills and your strategy while improving not just Jake and Max’s abilities but also your own strategies to face the enemies.

Learn through the dungeons which are the best weapons, shields and items to use in each room, enemy or situation to avoid being injured, inflect the most damage or just survive the contest. The learning process will carry you to fight each enemy more effectively but do not worry at all, you will not be alone in combat, Max would help you in every step.

Harbour no doubts and join Jake and Max into an adventure of challenges, combat and strategy to go beyond yourself and other players in this roguelike and Dungeon Crawler game.

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Game Features

Procedural Maps

Maps are procedurally generated to provide new adventures every time you start a new game.

Lots of Enemies

From the easiest to the hardest to beat, the enemies require you to be aware of your environment and your skills to survive in every dungeon.

Diversity of Weapons

We’ve added lots of different swords, shields, lamps and bombs, each one has different properties and you will have to test each one of them.

Dark Environment

The dark environment will make you focus on the light life and the sounds of the environment to figure out what to expect in each scenario.

Challenging Combats

The real time combats, the different combos and the diversity of enemies make the battles fluid and challenging.

Minimalistic HUD

We’ve focused on making a clean and minimalistic hud so you can focus on the game's visuals and the combats.

Skills shop

You can buy and upgrade Jake’s skills to improve your combat capabilities, range of vision and much more.

Economy Strategy

The in-game economy is based in two currencies, coins and XP which will give the chance to buy skills and objects.


Max the corgi will go with you along your way to the core of Dungelair. Use his abilities, teach him new skills and combine your and Max’s attacks to beat your enemies.